Repurposing Bedposts into Legs for a Kitchen Countertop

These kitchen countertop legs were once bedposts.

I would not describe myself as handy–creative, yes. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who takes my wild ideas and brings them to life. Several years back, during the sprucing up of the kitchen at HatRidge–the home we built together in Mississippi, I had such an idea for the hubby. **Quick interruption for backstory:  We began our DIY…home improvement…home building…in 1998.  The hubby is conservative (very khaki) and a bit stingy. His motto is why pay someone when we can figure it out and do it ourselves. Me–well, I am colorful with a sky’s the limit attitude.** Anyway, his stinginess led me to the junk piles and thrift stores to find awesome treasures for the kitchen. Long story short. When I stumbled upon a pair of vintage bedposts, I knew I had found the perfect legs for the kitchen countertop.

Another view of the bedposts converted to countertop legs…I love the contrast of the dark bedposts against the travertine and warm walls.

If I had to pick two favorite projects from the HatRidge kitchen, one would be the travertine floors the hubby and I installed–because travertine is simply gorgeous + the second would be the vintage bedposts we converted to countertop legs–because I love taking unwanted junk and giving it new life.

The most fabulous thing about the upcycled bedpost project was the perfect match to the kitchen island!

This was the easiest repurposed project we have ever done and probably will ever do *wink*

Thanks so much for sitting a spell with me today! Be sure to follow me on all the social media (@ChasidyHathorn) to keep up with all the latest projects, art, and randomness!


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