Where Words Fail

photoToday on Sweet Sorghum Living, I want y’all to tell the story…to interpret the pictures…for words fail me….

Sardis Baptist Church in Ellison Ridge (Louisville, Mississippi)

Sardis Baptist Church in Ellison Ridge (Louisville, Mississippi)


old, abandoned church near Macon, Mississippi

old, abandoned church near Macon, Mississippi

photo-1I would love to hear your interpretations…and for all of us to chat about them.  Please comment, and let’s put words to these images.

All photos were taken by my sweet, wonderful hubby, Stan.

Have a Blessed Day,


3 thoughts on “Where Words Fail

  1. Sardis!!! I love that sweet old church! My grandmother, Bytha White Flake, and her siblings went to school in that old church. I remember going to help Granny clean the graveyard before Memorial Services every year. We always went to the service and then had “dinner on the grounds”….seriously, on the grounds. We went to several revivals there, also. I’ve also heard a story about it being haunted…a carload of young people drove up in the drive, the lights were on and they could hear singing. But there were no cars. They drove all the way around the church and when they got behind it, all the lights went out and it got quiet. So I’m not totally convinced it’s haunted but the guy that told me the story was. I prefer my sweet memories of the time I spent there with Granny. I know her parents, Jim and Annie White, are buried there. I’m sure I have lots of other kin there, also.

  2. I have many relatives buried in this cemetery, just inside the gates. I remember going yearly to the memorial service also and still go to place flowers on the graves of my grandmother, great grandparents and aunts and uncles. Sweet memories of times past. A peaceful place.

    • Thank you for sitting a spell and for sharing your memories! I also remember going to memorial services and how excited I would get because all of my cousins would be there–some I only got to see a couple of times a year. The older generation would tell their stories, the kids would play, and everyone had a good meal made up of various dishes that people brought. Definitely, sweet memories!

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