Easy DIY Using 4 x 4 Posts


Hey, y’all!  Welcome back to Sweet Sorghum Living. Today on the blog, we are chatting about a super easy DIY using 4 x 4 posts. So, go grab a good cup of coffee or nice glass of wine and sit a spell.

During the renovation of my last house, I found lots of old posts underneath my back porch. It was a total score because I’ve used the posts from everything from wooden presents to support posts for counter tops.


Now, that is enough chitchat–here’s the deets on making your own wooden presents.

1. Purchase new posts from any home improvement store or use old posts.

2.  Cut them in various sizes using anything from a miter saw to an old-fashioned hand saw.

3. Leave them natural or paint them. It is totally up to you.

4.  Top off your wooden blocks with bows–just like real presents!


Luckily, my posts were weathered white...so I just added a little twine, fabric roses, and burlap.


Old posts + burlap = adorable

Thanks for sitting a spell with me today as we chatted about an easy DIY that has limitless possibilities! 

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