SSL’s Top Gluten-free Picks


wpid-20140722_144856.jpgHey, y’all! Welcome back to Sweet Sorghum Living.  Today on the blog we are chatting about SSL’s top gluten-free picks of the week. So let’s grab a good cup of coffee and sit a spell while we chat about delicious foods.

The VIP and I visited Cakes in a Cup in Johnson City, Tennessee in search of gluten-free cupcakes that were moist and delicious.  Believe me–we have had our share of not-so-edible GF baked goods…so we went knowing that it could be a flop…but it wasn’t!


I had the Chocolate Lava Cheesecake + Diet Dr. Pepper, and Abby feasted on Chocolate + Diet Pepsi. We were pleasantly surprised with not only the moistness of the little cakes,  but also the rich chocolate flavor. Two thumbs up and five stars!!


It was a busy day of running errands and searching for gluten-free top picks. It was so much fun having Abby along to help me sample and critic.


One of my favorite places to shop. I love the atmosphere, friendly service, and top-notch produce.

After our cupcake break, we ventured to Walmart because I needed lancets…because I’ve been in a struggle with my insurance company’s prescription provider…long story…but I’m not seeing where Express Scripts has saved me time…made me cry…yes…stressed me beyond my limits…yes…I digress.

Back to eating healthy and delicious 🙂

After surviving Walmart, we ventured to a happy place–The Fresh Market–which has a nice selection of gluten-free items + the prettiest fresh flowers.


Breakfast of Champions. Warning: This cereal is so addictive and so yummy that the hubby requests it!


Chips fromThe Fresh Market + Hummus from Earth Fare = yummy for the tummy snacks that are good for us!



Super easy dinner–just add a side salad. Now, this is a bit spicy and will make you miss NOLA.

Thanks for sitting a spell with me today as we chatted about yummy snacks and an easy dinner–all sans gluten. As a person with Celiac these above items do not bother me, but they might bother you. I’m no expert…I’m just trying my best to eat healthy and delicious all while living with Celiac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes.


Another reason to shop at The Fresh Market in Johnson City–the gorgeous view 🙂


3 thoughts on “SSL’s Top Gluten-free Picks

  1. Love the blog! Interesting and informative, especially tbe gluten free info! Deacon has had celiac disease for 13 years… It is now refractory.. Bad news! Keep up the good writing!

    • Thanks so much 🙂 It hasn’t been easy sticking to the GF lifestyle, but I know that I must! I am so sorry to hear that about Deacon…sending good thoughts and prayers. Thanks so much for reading and your support 🙂

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