Treasures Thursday: More Fab Finds in Asheville


Hey, y’all! Welcome back to Sweet Sorghum Living. Today on the blog, we are chatting about a few fabulous treasures that I found on a recent trip to Asheville. If only I could bring home every junky gem I find…*sigh* Now, grab a good cup of coffee or nice glass of wine and sit a spell with me.

I love the smell of pipe tobacco and cigars. It reminds me of Granddaddy Fulcher and Uncle Mackie. It takes me back to summer days on my grandparents’ porch listening to all the tales of travel and cousin so-and-so. I’m thinking about starting a collection centered around those wonderful memories. Starting with a pipe.


Add tobacco baskets to that list and old, rusty buckets and a bench. I’ve showcased a tobacco basket in my master bedroom, but I really want another one for my Hemingway guest room. A few buckets, cleaned up and clear sealed, would be great storage in the upstairs guest bath. And my rule on benches is one can never have too many because they are perfect for every room in the house–from the mudroom to the front porch…benches are a must-have piece of organizational furniture.


Old cabinets–whether metal or wood and glass–are my newest obsession. I’ve already purchased one for the master bath, but I’m loving the “stackable” ones…just more size options and places they could fit! I am wanting some flat file cabinets, but I’ve had no luck finding any in good condition for a reasonable price.

I love looking at and buying antiques and vintage. There is such character and quality in the old stuff *smile*


Old soda crates are fabulous because their uses are limited only by our imaginations. The hubby is a huge Coca-Cola fan and years ago we bought a crate with no purpose in mind. Bless! It’s been stored and moved…neglected…forgotten…until recently, when the hubby had the idea to use it to display his dad’s fishing reels and lures. I’m loving it…and now we need more crates…but he likes only the Coca-Cola ones…and I love them all *smile*


My goodness! Don’t y’all just love old stuff and wandering antique shops and flea markets for treasures! *smile*

Thanks for sitting a spell with me today as we chatted about my favorite treasures of the week. Stay tuned to my Facebook page for more fabulous finds.

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