Transformation Tuesday: From Dining Table to Desk

Breakfast Room at Sloss Castle

Breakfast Room at Sloss Castle

Hey, y’all! Welcome back to Sweet Sorghum Living. Today on the blog, we are chatting about transforming a table into a desk in a snap. Now, let’s sit a spell with a good cup of coffee and see how to repurpose a dining room table into the perfect workspace desk.

Several years ago, I bought a Duncan Phyfe dining room table and six chairs at The Raspberry Beret thrift store in my hometown of Louisville, Mississippi. The table and four chairs were painted–well, I use the term painted loosely–a thick black. The other chairs were untouched and in their original stain. Let me tell y’all–it was a hot mess that needed some TLC + lots of stripping and sanding.

The original plan for the table and chairs was to paint + add trendy fabric and sell them in my LollyMollyArt shop. But somewhere between sanding and picking out paint, we bought Sloss Castle. All projects were abandoned, and all energy was put into renovating the 1980 time capsule.

01232014190227_19Long story short–the breakfast room needed furniture, and we had the perfect table and chairs. The hubby painted the table a rich blackberry color, and I painted the chairs shabby chic white. We decided to use only two of the chairs from the set we purchased at the thrift store. The other chairs were some we had leftover from a previous table/chair set we owned. I am always switching out tables and chairs…my chair collection is pretty awesome *wink* Most of the tables have either been sold in my shop or repurposed into other pieces of furniture.

Flash Forward to Hathorn Hall

Hathorn Hall does not have a breakfast room. It has a dining room, parlor, an office for the hubby…but no separate breakfast room. The purple table had no home. It was banished to the basement with all the other pieces of furniture that had no place in the new house. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not punishing my furniture. I am just trying to figure out how to make it work in the new place…one day at a time *smile*

For about two weeks, I have been worrying the hubby about an “office area” for myself. I have shown him the pins that I have pinned on Pinterest, I have explained numerous times why I need a desk area, and I have even pointed out several areas in the house that might work. Frustration set in, and I abandoned the idea of having a quiet space to write…until today.

IMG_6494There are two guest rooms upstairs. One is the Hemingway room and the other is Lucy’s room. Lucy is our seventeen years young dog who likes her own space. She can be a bit grouchy at times…and she really enjoys quietness and no ruckus. I was cleaning Lucy’s room today when I had an idea to add a sitting area and a desk…wait…this room could be where I write. Lucy can keep me company while I slave away at the book I am trying to pen…It is a quiet room…it has a wall of windows…perfect!

Long story short–the hubby and I took the pedestal bases of the purple Duncan Phyfe table + an old door and created a desk…the perfect workspace. There are still things left to be done to get the area all gussied up, but it is off to a great start.


I cannot wait to decorate this area! Time to go junking *smile*

I cannot wait to decorate this area! Time to go junking *smile*

Thanks for sitting a spell with me today as we chatted about transforming a table into a desk. There was no real labor involved in this project. The door was the perfect size of 24×80…so there was no cutting down. The table bases were the perfect color…so there was no painting. BAM! A few screws later…a desk *smile* I encourage y’all to check out all those old pieces of furniture in your garages and basements and repurpose them into fabulous new pieces of furniture…new life, new purpose!


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