SSL’s Gluten-Free Top Picks of the Week: All About Budget-friendly

A little sneak peek of Hathorn Hall's front porch fall decor. Head over to Vintage Inspired Passionista for a few more sneak peeks.

A little peek at Hathorn Hall’s front porch fall decor. Head over to Vintage Inspired Passionista for a few more sneaky peek photos.

Hey, y’all! Welcome back to Sweet Sorghum Living! I am so excited for fall–the weather, the colors, the adventures…Oh, my! I am about to drive the hubby nuts with pumpkin shopping. Yesterday I wanted to buy the lot across the alley that is for sale to grow my own pumpkins. It was a fleeting idea, but a pumpkin farm would be fabulous. I could team up with my dad and grow all kinds of pumpkins and gourds. Can y’all tell I LOVE pumpkins and fall *smile* Today’s blog isn’t about my pumpkin addiction–it is about SSL’s gluten-free top picks of the week–from fruit snacks to hummus–all budget-friendly.

IMG_6521I typically buy my fruit snacks from Earth Fare. I like the all-natural, organic, no- artificial-colors kind. I will chat about those later *smile* But the hubby tires of my all-natural, no-artificial-ingredients shopping list. Don’t get me wrong. He is super supportive of my special dietary needs…he just tires of its expense. And y’all know how expensive eating healthy can be! Long story short–I decided to hunt for gluten-free items at my local Ingles supermarket + to find less expensive alternatives to the items I normally pick up at The Fresh Market, Earth Fare or The Whole Foods.

First item on the list was fruit snacks. I gotta have my delicious gummies *smile* I was pleasantly surprised to find that Welch’s has gluten-free choices. Each pouch has 80 calories, 19 grams of carbs, and 100% Vitamin C. The things I do not like about this product are the use of artificial flavors, corn syrup, and Red 40 and Blue 1. I realize that the lower cost of the fruit snacks accounts for the use of artificial flavors and colors–but wouldn’t it be wonderful, if all companies looked for ways to add real flavor and real color to their foods without charging an arm and a leg!! Overall–the flavor is good + the cost is lower + no bad reactions so far.

IMG_6514I don’t eat a lot of cereal because it does a number to my blood sugars–even when I bolus. But the hubby loves it and likes to eat a bowl at night while watching X-Files on Netflix. I was glad to find that Cocoa Pebbles is gluten-free. He gets his nightly snack + when I get a craving for chocolate or cereal, I can indulge without paying the price…well, at least I won’t get “glutened”…the blood sugar will suffer…but I can’t please all my diseases all the time *wink*

IMG_6516IMG_6520The shopping at Ingles continued, and the hubby was happy because the grocery bill was going to be lower this week. I figured a week or two eating chemicals and artificial colors and flavors wouldn’t kill me…not instantly. Besides, before being diagnosed with Celiac, I ate a lot of bad stuff. I don’t want to talk about it because I don’t want to think about what I unknowingly did to my body.

Anyway…I am a huge fan of hummus. Love it. Not as much as pumpkins, but I love it *wink* Hummus and crackers is a perfect comfort snack. Hummus and veggies is a perfect lunch. It is the perfect, versatile food.


Boar’s Head traditional hummus contains steamed chickpeas, sunflower oil, olive oil, sesame tahini (pure crushed sesame seeds), water, sea salt, citric acid, garlic, guar gum, and cumin.

IMG_6499I am always looking for quick, easy lunch ideas…even dinner ideas…because life is busy…life is full of interruptions. My go-to for this is Glutenfreeda.

I was excited to find a gluten-free pizza wrap at Ingles. And guess what company makes a gluten-free pizza wrap? Yep! Glutenfreeda. I was going to eat it for lunch today, but the daughter came home for lunch…and beat me to it! She said is was really good, and that I should buy more of them. Looks like the hubby will get to shop at Ingles next week *wink*


IMG_6507IMG_6504Cookies make me smile. They are cute and yummy. Finding delicious, gluten-free ones that are quick and easy to make is a challenge. I decided to give Pillsbury a shot. Overall–I give them four out of five stars…five out of five on taste and price.

IMG_6500IMG_6501Writing the gluten-free top picks always makes me hungry! I think I am going to bake the rest of those chocolate chip cookies now–which I love the fact that I can just scoop out and bake a few. It keeps the blood sugar happy *smile*

Thanks for sitting a spell with me today as we chatted about my gluten-free adventure at Ingles in Johnson City. I discovered some good items that saved the hubby money + these products are available in most grocery stores.

Remember what doesn’t bother me–might bother you. Please read labels carefully.

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