SSL’s Gluten-free Top Picks: Beekman 1802 Mortgage Lifter Pasta Sauce

My #Shelfie

My #Shelfie with the Beekman 1802 “Mortgage Lifter” pasta sauces in Target in Trussville, Alabama. Y’all do not even want to know how long it took to get this photo! Haha! If you have not heard, I struggle with talking selfies *wink* Click here to find out how the struggle is totally real for me.

Hey, y’all! Welcome back to Sweet Sorghum Living–a place to sit a spell with a good (hot) cup of coffee and enjoy good conversation about everything from random tales to holiday decorating. Today on the blog, we are chatting about the gluten-free top picks of the week–which were inspired by my recent encounter with the Fabulous Beekman Boys at the Birmingham Home + Garden Show.

What is so fabulous about these sauces is not their being gluten-free

What is so fabulous about the “Mortgage Lifter” pasta sauces? “Put simply, it’s a collection of sauces named after a 1930’s variety of heirloom tomato –‘The Mortgage Lifter.’ 25% percent of the profits from the sauces are donated to help give individual small American farms a ‘lift.’ Josh and Brent believe that farmers deserve their place in the proud middle class of Americans. To accomplish that, small farmers need the opportunity to grow. And in order to grow, they need a place within our country’s food distribution channel bigger than farmers markets and small gourmet outlets. Namely, small farms need representation in retail grocery chains.” This sauce is also scrumptious and gluten-free! What’s not to love!!


This is fabulous! Spread the word about this delicious sauce with a cause! P.S. Did y’all notice my handmade statement necklace by Lucy’s Inspired?



A yummy sauce needs a pasta, and I recently tried a new one. Overall, the little family and I liked the pasta, and we give it two thumbs up *smile*

20150223_170420_resized20150223_170405_resizedNow, remember what does not bother me might bother you–so be extra careful when trying new foods. Always, always read the labels for allergens!!

Thanks for sitting a spell with me today as we chatted about the gluten-free top picks of the week.


Abby with Beekman 1802 co-founders Josh Kilmer-Purcell & Brent Ridge. Stay tuned to Abby’s blog for her VIP interview with the Fabulous Beekman Boys.





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